Welcome to Laurie Computer Center, your gateway to innovative technology solutions and cutting-edge digital experiences. We are a forward-thinking tech startup dedicated to reshaping the way businesses and individuals interact with technology.


At Laurie Computer Center, our mission is to bridge the gap between human potential and technological advancement.


To fulfill our mission, we use a group of strategies summarised into the PECO;-

  • Provision of Accessible Learning Resources: We provide hands-on training in areas all areas within our reach: such as computer and application usage, coding, digital literacy, among others
  • Education and Training programs: We develop online courses, tutorials, and educational resources that cater for the different learning levels and backgrounds.
  • Collaboration with Educational Institutions: We establish partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and other firms to introduce technology-focused curricula and programs
  • Offering Consultation and Custom Solutions: We offer consultation services to businesses to identify their technological needs and customize solutions to address specific challenges.


On 1st May, 2020, LAURIE COMPUTER CENTER was started as a small tech company that dealt with basic;

  • Software installations
  • Computer Training
  • Hardware maintenance and repair
  • Book publishing and other stationary works

With time, the company went on expanding into a bigger pool of highly experienced persons that strive to provide the best services to the nation. in addition to the ones mentioned above, the company can now provide more services like Networking, Web designing and Hosting, Computer Hardware and Software sales, IT consultation and all forms of Technical Support.


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Laurie Computer Center was founded by MUBIRU LAWRENCE GALIWANGO aka "Laurie" on the 1st of May, 2020. With an aim of using all his efforts to serve the community and ensure that technology is learnt and enjoyed by everyone.

Laurie is a Telecommunications Engineer, Web Designer, National ICT Trainer and Author who holds a Diploma in Telecom Engineering and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He has now written and published three students' notes books namely;-

  • Goblet Of Computing: A concise approach to Old curriculum O'level computer studies. Published in 2020.
  • ICT Excalibur: The best approach to A'level Sub-ICT both theory and practical. Published in 2020.
  • ICT At Hand: First-class guide for the New curriculum O'level ICT which handles both theory and practical. Published in 2022.
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